My Bio

A Few Words About Me

Hi my name is Richard Lindsay.

Good day! This is a page so you can get to know me.
First and foremost I am a family man, married and with two gorgeous little humans. Second to that I am a coach. Coaching has been my passion now for many years and I currently hold a variety of positions throughout various different endeavours, through  a variety of sports such as ice-hockey, judo, BJJ and American Football.
I am the current head coach at the BSU Bulldogs. The Bulldogs are an American football team based at the Bath Spa University. I took over the program at the beginning of the 2016 season and together with my coaching staff, we are in the process of redeveloping the entire program for long term success. Having played American football for many years, including winning a National championship with the South Wales Warriors, of all the sports that I indulge in, I would say I am most passionate about this one.

As well as this, I teach various classes at Artemis BJJ . The club itself is located at MYGYM just by Cabots Circus. Here I run classes such as the kids sessions and NoGi BJJ sessions too. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a fantastic martial art that helps with fitness, self-defence as well as being tremendous fun!

I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer (REPS Level 3) as well as a qualified Nutritionist. My outlook on fitness is that it should be fun, it should be for a purpose and you should have support throughout that process. I like to encourage my clients to build new lifestyle habits, rather than encourage them into "fad" diets or workout routines that are not sustainable for life. I am heavily influenced by other professionals in the business, such as Scott Baptie and Joe Wicks, as well as my close community of friends who are also PT's,

I have well over 20 years of teaching and coaching experience through a variety of different sports, scenes and job roles. These range from the aforementioned American football and BJJ, but also include other sports such as climbing, caving, fencing, judo, ice hockey etc. I also have experience as a Learning and Development Facilitator, which is fancy talk for someone who designs and runs training courses within an office environment.

Let me use my experience and "can-do" attitude to help you achieve your goal today. Find a class, or book a session with me today and let's make your goal a reality.  :)