Small Group Exercise

What is it?

This is a six week course of work that will be delivered on the lead up to Christmas at Easton Leisure centre.

Each week, the sessions will have a different theme to it. We will be exploring workout schemes such as metabolic conditioning, HiiT workouts and full-body strength circuits to name just a few.

Each session will also include a short educational element also to help each and every person understand some of the more...grey areas of health and fitness which will leave you with greater confidence to acheive your goals in the future.

During the six weeks, I will be happy to provide as much (or little) workout and\or nutritional advice as you need in addition to the prescribed sessions. Having this extra support will (hopefully) help you understand fitness, food and everything in between so you can attack future goals with great authority!


Each session will last roughly an hour and will be accompanied by some poorly chosen music (as anyone who has been in my Group Cycle classes can attest to!) some even worse jokes and plenty of enthusiasm and coachisms to get you through even the most grueling of workouts!

The course is for up to a maximum of 8, so book your place now by contacting Easton Leisure centre direct or booking your spot at reception today! Why not bring a friend too?!