My Services

Personal Training.

In this day and age, everyone knows what a PT is and chances are, if you are reading this then you are looking for what I can offer you.

I have worked with clients towards a variety of different goals. Goals such as weight-loss, building sport-specific strength, help with injury recovery as well as helping people look better naked!

Clicke here to drop me an email and lets have a chat about what I can do for you.

Gym Classes.

Get in thegym, do some work, sweat and have fun!

If you fancy a big, group based class, why not pop in and work with my crew of savages towards improving your fitness levels? All classes need to be booked, so click the links to book your spot now!

GROUP CYCLING - Everyone Active
Tuesdays - 19:00, Horfield Leisure Centre
A Group Cycling workout is an excellent way to burn some calories and relieve stress. The workout employs a stationary bike, which has various tension levels. The bike will also track your progress, so that you are motivated to continue and accomplish your fitness goals. There are numerous benefits to a spinning workout. Andwe've not even started to mention the awesome\awful music that I use!

BOOTCAMP - Everyone Active
Tuesdays - 10:10, Horfield Leisure Centre
Sleds, tyres and ropes...OH MY! These sessions are short, quick and hard working classes to get maximum work done in a group atmosphere. Work hard, cheer harder and sweat even more as you push, pull and flip your way through these outdoor sessions.
Please note this is a prepaid course.

Sports Coaching.

Lets make fitness fun together!

Why not come along to one of the classes I teach? If you are looking to pick up a new hobby or find a new obsession for your spare time, then come along to any of my classes and have a go at something new!

NOGI BJJ - Artemis BJJ
Sundays - 11:00, MYGYM
Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a grappling style that grew out of Judo. It emphasises fighting on the ground, specifically how to reach a controlling position, then finishing with a choke or joint lock (there are no strikes). It's emphasis is on technique over strength, allowing smaller practitioners to have great success against much bigger and stronger opponents.